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MOMLETA DR Repair: Reconnect Core & Pelvic Floor

The DR course we are kicking off in October/November! We are offering small group (maximum 5) 45 min classes at Graceful Dance Academy at 6am-6:45am on October 21st, 30th, and November 4th, and 13th. Workshop cost is $200 plus your equpiment. The workshop focuses on connecting your core with your breath and finding your strength post baby and also connecting with Advent Health Pelvic Floor and Rehab and what they offer our members and non members! To register, email or call, Lead Trainer Hannah Hunt - Tasseff2988@gmail.com or 386-307-0529

Our Core9 Diastasis Repair workshop is a 4-week in-person intensive workshop that helps you to alleviate back pain, strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles, repair diastasis recti and how to use proper breathing techniques for your postpartum recovery. Diastasis recti develops when the connective tissue (linea alba) between the right and left rectus abdominis separates during late pregnancy.

Leave with an abundance of pelvic core education and get the tools you need to maintain a strong core.

"I definitely feel more aware now of my core throughout daily activities. I absolutely notice an improvement and feel stronger. I'm going to keep with the exercises and hopefully continue to see more and more strength."

"I loved the program...actually looked forward to attending every week! I can already see and feel a huge difference in the strength of my core. I am 2 years past delivery, and was scared I wouldn't be able to help it. So happy with the program and support!"

"I really gained a ton of knowledge and understanding. The program was a great education experience. I learned a lot about my body and how to properly engage my core postpartum. I wish this was part of every woman's education after having a baby. I also thought I really looked forward to going every Monday. It was nice to set aside time to taking care of myself, and I enjoyed the fellowship with other moms. I was sad when the program ended."

"I had a very significant gap. Not only was I able to get it to close partially during the 4 week course, I also gained the knowledge needed to work on it at home. It was a great experience!"

"I learned so much as part of this workshop-I cannot say enough good about it! I saw a huge difference, not just in my DR, but also in the overall quality of my workouts. Changing my habits with regard to breathing through exercise has improved my personal fitness level. I also feel more knowledgeable about how to effectively workout my core and I feel the difference in strength-I'm stronger now than before my pregnancies! I think everyone should do this program, whether they have DR or not!"